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I have been incarcerated in and out of jail for the last 10 years. I was battling the spirit addiction, loneliness, prostitution, and sexual immorality. The devil had me thinking I was a man. The streets and jail life really took a toll on my life. My mind was so confused, in jail they don't care if you take medicine or not. I was just too far to walk across the campus to receive medicine. I was diagnosed with depression, and in jail; who isn't depressed. My lifestyle choices caused my mind, not to be in control of all my thoughts. My mental state was not stable in part due to the on and off use of medicines, will while incarcerated. I was diagnosed with back problems, due to a tall on the job. I was dependent of pills or drugs to make it through the day. Now I take my medication as prescribed, and less that I took in the past. I stay busy with work, community activities and serving at my church. No time to get down over some back pain. Jesus has given me joy and peace that surpasses all understanding. I always knew that Jesus Christ was real but i never experiences an personal relationship with him. So I really didn't know him at all until I stepped in TRAVAIL 6:33. I remember the first time i spoke with Mrs. Rhonda Altazin. She asked me if I believed in Jesus Christ and to be honest I was just looking for a place to stay with a roof over my head. But when she spoke those words of Jesus and it was up to him to open or lose the door on my situations. So as she hung up the phone my heart and my mind and it was up to him to open or close the door on my situation. So as she hung up the phone my hear and my mind were playing tricks on me and the devil was trying to stop or put a wall up, but my Jesus says no weapons formed against me shall prosper! So when I came to in TRAVAIL, I still was a little rebellious at first because I was blind and confused; I was unconditionally accepted into the program at TRAVAIL, but within three days the Lord said if I take the first step he would make the rest work for me I no longer have a drug addiction, I 'm not a prostitute anymore, and I no longer lust for females and I no longer see myself as a man; but a beautiful strong black woman who now has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ an dos try thankful that He died on the cross for my sins. I now fall asleep speaking to Jesus and I wake up with Him being the first person on my mind, I talk to Him all day. Without the help of TRAVAIL 6:33 no telling where I would be. Thank you God for sending Mrs. Rhonda Altazin into my life.

Jacqueline W.

"Travail House has saved my life. It has taught me all about Jesus and how to forgive others and love others even thought I don't like what they do. It taught me how to love myself and to be a lady again. And also it allowed me to be a mom again. I now have been reunited with my 8 year old daughter, and by the grace of God she loves me unconditionally and I don't see signs of the torment she went through, while I was absent from her life. I pray that by her being in Travail program with me , that she will be spared the emotional torment that i went through , that caused me to be scared and broken. My life was completely hopeless and now I have unbelievable joy. I will be the woman and mother that God created me to be. I have been taught many life changing skills since at Travail and I am still learning all about life, I never had anyone to teach me about being responsible and everyday needs, until now. I was found almost dead on a bench. I was almost unresponsive and now I am healthy and full of life. I have stopped smoking. I take my medications correctly and have been able to stop taking some of them. I feel better than have ever felt in my entire life."

Stephanie G.

"The Lord is mighty and full of power. I will always give will Him the praise. One day, unexpectedly Travail 6:33 came to me. To my shock and surprise she gave me a bag of new clothes I much needed.They fit good. I really am thankful. She also brings me to church at Bethany which I really enjoy."


Thank you so much for all you do for us too....

AND, you are certainly one Amazing and Good person too!

Very happy to have found you guys :) 


People throughout life have times of sorrow and are in desperate need of guidance to get their lives back on track. I have witnessed the care and true support that TRAVAIL team have given to people. Assuredly the gracious funds donated to this organization would be used appropriately.


"The L-RD has done great things and we are filled with joy" 126:3 Crossing paths with Travail 6:33 has been one of the best things that have happened in my life. Their love for Jesus and the community is AMAZING! They see light and hope where it seems there is none, and the results are transformed lives in Jesus' Name. The love of Christ shines thru them! I am so thankful for their love and care. For giving me a helping hand and HOPE thru encouraging words, and coming alongside throughout all the ups and downs of this past couple of months. Certainly a big blessing in desquise. Travail and JESUS makes me feel am worth something, when it seems like the world has given up on me and left me in a 'limbo of being.' Right now, I help the cause, and it is such a joy and honor; can't wait to see what Jesus will do thru Travail on the upcoming days, months, and years….The legacy of JESUS faithfulness and love is everlasting!!!          -Sparkle-

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