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At a Keeping it Real Show!


This particular Hand It On segment was carried over from nominees we received in October, 2015. And not just one correspondence. In the history of the Hand It On franchise, WAFB has never received this many different nominations for the same person, both from online resources and by mail.

Our story today is about a Baton Rouge based transitional home called Travail 6:33, Inc., or "The Travail House" as residents and volunteers refer to it.

The word 'travail' simply put means: a:) work especially of a painful or laborious nature; b:) a physical or mental exertion or piece of work. Here, in a more spiritual sense, 'travail' is a form of intense intercession given by the Holy Spirit, whereby an individual or group is gripped by something that grips God’s heart.

I’ve given you the meaning of the basic word 'travail,' and the "6:33" reference is to Matthew’s gospel, 6th chapter, 33rd verse ("But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well" – New International Version).

Rhonda Altazin, with her husband Glynn’s support, created and runs Travail 6:33, Inc. Her residents come from word of mouth or referrals from mental health organizations, church groups, even jails. And while all are welcome, the Travail House nurtures women mainly.

"We’re dealing with people; lives," Rhonda explains. "The women know that Jesus Christ is their only hope. They learn to renew their minds and renew their hearts so that they just do things differently than they’ve ever done them before."

In the two plus years Travail 6:33, Inc. has operated, they have helped heal more than 450 people, again mainly women.

"Women come to us and they say how can you say you love me when I’m not even loveable? I’m not worth being loved," Rhonda quotes, a tear visible in her eye.

"Our goal is to take one person at a time and put ‘em back into society as a functioning individual." Rhonda accomplishes this through sound, Christian discipleship. Not only does Travail 6:33, Inc. provide a place of peace, rest, and safety, residents also received faith based counseling and mentoring, including daily bible study and transportation to weekly worship services. In fact, sometime Rhonda and her husband Glynn make three trips picking people up for church.

Every letter, every e-mail we received were from women who were wounded, abused, or broken in some way – from some life experience – and were changed in a miraculous way through Rhonda’s guidance and their experience at the Travail House.

But Rhonda is quick to give all the credit and glory to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

"I attempt to allow Christ to work through me," a very humble Rhonda says. "I never want to go through a door that God doesn’t open. I don’t want to see what’s on the other side of that door."

One of the many lives that Travail 6:33, Inc. has changed is Erika Anaya. At one time Erika was a broken, abandoned soul and sought assistance from Rhonda and the Travail House. Now, Erika feels so blessed by her 'new life,' she lives and works at the Travail House as Rhonda’s "right hand." Erika was also the group representative who presented Rhonda with WAFB’s Hand It On cash recognition.

"We love you," Erika said as she embraced a tearful Rhonda Altizan. "You are what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus. You are an example. You inspire every volunteer and every person in this house to do what Jesus calls us to do," Erika concluded.

As they both sat in tearful embrace on the sofa, I couldn’t help but remember what has always been a truth in my life – there are no coincidences in God’s kingdom. It was meant for me to be in this house this day. It was meant for me to be exposed to His word in this particular way. It was meant for someone in the WAFB viewing area to hear this particular story at this particular time instead of last October.

And if that someone is you and you would like to support the incredible ministry of Rhonda & Glynn Altzin and Travail 6:33, Inc., they are in continuous need of household items (tooth paste, laundry detergent, bathroom tissue, etc), clothes, sheets, blankets. Financial donations are always appreciated.

For more information, visit

And to nominate someone for Hand It On, sent an e-mail to Make sure to include your contact information, especially a telephone number where you can be reached.

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